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    Samoa Tourism Sample Itinerary - 7 Days

    Day 1: Upolu – Arrival - South Coast At just 75 kilometres (47 miles) long and 1,125 square kilometres (434 square miles) in total area, Upolu is small enough to easily explore but packs a lot of natural beauty in a small area. The island's south coast is home to some of Samoa's most beautiful...
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    Samoa Tourism Self-Famil Programme

    Here's your chance to embark on a trip of a lifetime with a loved one or family while at the same time learn about Beautiful Samoa's unique selling points and what makes it worth visiting - not only for you but also your loved ones and clients. Samoa Tourism in collaboration with Samoa's local...
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    Silence in Samoan Deep Jungles

    Samoa, is known as Western Samoa, is in the center of the Polynesian islands. It is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, west of Samoa islands, and most of the territory is covered with jungles and has a tropical rainforest climate. Samoa has a population of about 174,000 people, 90% of whom...
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    Samoa holds its first National Climate Finance Forum

    Only five projects have brought in more than 100 million U.S. dollars in funding for Samoa to strengthen its resilience to climate change. This was raised at the first Samoa National Climate Finance Forum held in Apia today. Samoa has established a Climate Resilience Steering Committee to...
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