Samoa Cultural Heritage Tourism Strategy


As part of Samoa’s Covid response strategy and the need to explore opportunities to help the tourism industry recover from the impact of the pandemic, Tourism Samoa is developing a strategy for Samoa’s cultural heritage tourism through close cooperation with the New Zealand Maori Tourism Board.

The strategy aims to enhance cultural heritage through the application of culture and indigenous knowledge, and to revive attention to this important niche market to better rebuild, maximize cultural opportunities, and use culture to strengthen destination marketing and product development.

Through cooperation with the Maori Tourism Bureau, cultural experts Faumuina Lafaele and Leituala Kuiniselani Toelupe Tago-Elisara participated in the development of a special strategy.

The implementation of the cultural heritage tourism strategy will be carried out through the Samoa Tourism Department plan, building on existing work and strengthening contacts with key stakeholders.

Fa'amatuainu Lenata'i Suifua, Chief Executive Officer of the Samoa Tourism Authority said: "Culture is a key pillar of sustainable tourism development in Samoa. This strategy represents a And the strategy of rebuilding, strengthening and upgrading as well as creating and innovating opportunities.

Faamatuainu added, “The strategy and the established framework will expand the cultural heritage in the development agenda, ensure that it is protected and preserved to benefit our host communities and create an immersive visitor experience”.

Recently, a public public consultation on the "Strategy" was held on the issues of Upolu and Sawai.

Through Zoom, Leituala shared in the discussion that by strengthening cultural heritage as a key niche market, this strategy will become an important driving force for strengthening Samoa’s value proposition as a tourist destination and promoting socio-economic growth.

The strategy will be finalized and launched before the end of the year.