Samoa Google Street View content goes live


Google Street View is an integral part of the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) destination optimization plan. It is implemented with the assistance of the New Zealand government through the growth of tourism in Samoa and the support of digital expert Miles.

One of the biggest tasks in the plan is to evaluate and update Google’s Street View imagery.

Since Samoa did not have this project before, there is a huge opportunity to introduce it and improve the perception, exposure and digital performance of Upolu and Savaii so that people can really understand where they are searching online.

The complete capture of all closed roads in Samoa was completed in June, and the content was processed and submitted to Google Maps.

The uploaded content is automatically processed to extract important data, including new roads, updated road names, business names, and improved navigation and directions.

An additional 360 spheres of light were captured and uploaded, and the update of Google Maps is also continuing (users can see and use today).

By the end of September, the images uploaded to Google Maps and the newly captured 360-degree photosphere had received more than 1.4 million views (and it is still increasing).

Street view is very important in terms of vision-helping potential tourists (international and domestic) to discover and understand the destination before traveling, but it also provides great added value.

In addition to tourism and economic development, street view data is also very valuable to industry sectors and ministries.

The latest images can be used for planning and evaluation at the national and regional levels, including urban planning, road construction, infrastructure and land use.

Emergency services and disaster planning can use street view and more accurate basic map data for planning, evaluation, and recovery.

As part of the optimization project, STA hired travel business operators to declare their lists on Google, aiming to improve the quality and accuracy of the business lists and content provided online.

In addition, assistance under the project was mobilized to increase the awareness and use of digital marketing tools by local businesses, and to help them maximize their exposure and obtain reservations or reservations. This includes surveys on digital abilities, educational seminars and support, including one-to-one basis and local marketing academies, where companies can track their progress through content and earn "badges" for the amount of content they read.

Extensive street view capture exercises covered the main roads visible on Google Maps by Upolu and Savaii.

Although image processing is still in progress, by the end of September, approximately 32,287 miles (or 51,960 kilometers) of Street View content had been uploaded.

Improving brand awareness is a key goal of the Samoa Tourism Authority. The optimization plan has significantly improved the quality of the list of travel companies and Street View content on Google, the world’s largest single travel planning platform. More than 90% of travelers are in a certain part of the travel planning process. Use it in stages. This paves the way for enhancing the visitor experience.