Samoa Tourism Self-Famil Programme


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Here's your chance to embark on a trip of a lifetime with a loved one or family while at the same time learn about Beautiful Samoa's unique selling points and what makes it worth visiting - not only for you but also your loved ones and clients.

Samoa Tourism in collaboration with Samoa's local tourism industry offers you the chance to do just that.

With heavily discounted rates, you will have the opportunity to sample the destination's products and services all without having to follow a set famil itinerary. These discounts are not available at the consumer level hence they are offers not to be missed.


Samoa's Self-Famil Programme starts in late October and wraps up in late April the following year. All you need to do is contact the Samoa Tourism Authority on email, state your preferred dates of travel and we will organise the rest with assistance from our lovely suppliers.


As a pre-requisite, you will need to have completed all the training modules here and you are good to go. Please note that block-out dates as specified by the airlines and hotels will be applicable and subject to availability.