Sea breeze, the most romantic resort in Oceania


Samoa Sea Breeze Resort won the title of the most romantic resort in Oceania in the World Travel Awards.

Here, Breaking Travel News spoke with Wendy Booth, the owner of the property, to understand what it feels like to be recognized by voters worldwide.

Breaking travel news: After winning the top title at the World Travel Awards, how does it feel to win the championship?

Wendy Both: Winning such a prestigious award on such a global platform is a truly humble experience.

Seabreeze is located in an amazing and unique location surrounded by nature, but our employees are our greatest asset. Every member of the Seabreeze team is pursuing excellence and hopes that they will generally succeed.

Say goodbye to friends, usually when guests leave, they are considered part of the Haifeng family, now all over the world, often making guests swear to return.

When we get home, we will receive emails asking about our employees, and even the cats at the resort will be mentioned when they recall the sea breeze experience.

Seabreeze has a soul, and we firmly believe that winning this award will motivate our employees to do their best.

Every year we work hard to achieve favorable results, and we await the results with pride and fear, because we know that past victories have brought prosperity.

We are a small island. After returning with this award, the staff has passed through the villages in our area and wrapped the trophy with our flag because the village family came out to participate in the celebration.
BTN: As we enter 2022, how will the trophy help you promote Samoa Sea Breeze Resort?

Buffett: As we prepare for the reopening of the border (which is still closed today), a Samoa free of Covid-19 will appear. Seabreeze will once again be the leading hotel in Samoa for nine consecutive years and the most in Oceania for the third consecutive year. Romantic holiday destination.

In 2022, we plan to launch a digital marketing campaign to showcase our awards. As in previous years, we look forward to sharing our little paradise with romantics who are patiently waiting to join one of our most beautiful places.

Our trophies are very important to our team. They are not hidden in glass cases, but displayed at the entrance of our seaside restaurant.

Here, you will often see our staff explaining to visitors how they achieve these goals, holding them proudly when taking pictures, and explaining how important it is to be recognized and recognized in such an auspicious way.

sea breeze

BTN: What attracted the attention of voters? How do you think Samoa Sea Breeze Resort compares with its Asian competitors?

Buffett: Luxury goods come in many forms, but Seabreeze has a loyal following of industry experts and past guests, many of whom return year after year.

There are many beautiful resorts in Oceania, but our difference has always been our traditional Samoan hospitality.

We are small, humane, and laid-back, but our service and attention to detail are world-class.

We anticipate the needs of our guests and are committed to exceeding expectations, and the ratio of each guest is 1.5. We are small enough to create a utopia for couples without being disturbed by children.

As an adult-only resort and timeless romantic, we have contributed to some amazing proposals in 15 years of operation. Our philosophy is that our imagination is endless and our only limit is the guest’s Budget, we shared some very special memories.