Sweet as honey!


In 1963 a Lancaster bomber crashed on Wallis Island, a remote place in the South Pacific, a long way west of Samoa.
The plane wasn't too badly damaged, but over the years, the crash was forgotten and the wreck remained undisturbed.
Then in 1989, twenty-six years after the crash, the plane was accidentally rediscovered in an aerial survey of the island.
By this time, a Lancaster bomber in reasonable condition was rare and worth rescuing.
The French authorities had the plane packaged and moved in parts back to France.
Now a group of enthusiasts are going to have the plane restored.
It has four Rolls-Royce Merlin engines, but the group will need to have only three of them rebuilt.
Imagine their surprise and delight when they broke open the packing cases and found that the fourth engine was sweet as honey -- still in perfect condition.
A colony of bees had turned the engine into a hive and it was totally preserved in beeswax!