What makes strong Kava in Samoa?


In Samoa, Ava Le’a is the name of the strongest variant of Kava there is. unfortunately, it’s no longer the most common grown on island.

Practically No Ava Le'a has been available since the El Nino of 2015 the agriculture department spread only one variety “Ava Talo” to reestablish Ava in the country. The people involved had not been educated about the varieties that were available.

I have now spoken to 7 ava growers and they were all as ill informed. Although when I mentioned that in the Samoan language, the word taken to mean young male "Tau Le'a Le'a" is derived from the task of collecting the “Ava Le'a” for ceremonial consumption.

The guys I spoke to on Saturday said "Sao lelei, ia lea ua sau lava le afakasi lea toe tau mai le tatou aganu'u!" i.e… yes it's true and the country had forgotten that Ava Le'a is part of the cultural heritage.